Providing Real Client Solutions Is the ONLY Option.

We will help you assist your clients in locating specific violations in your files while creating a revenue stream
for your company.

Deletion of the Account From the Credit Report

This is one of the first things to happen in a successful lawsuit and usually the client’s #1 priority

Elimination of the Debt

This is extremely helpful to your clients that weren’t in a position to pay the debt in the first place.

Money Back In Your Client’s Pocket

While this doesn’t always occur, it’s an excellent benefit to have a debt collector and in some cases, an original creditor or a bureau, have to pay your client in addition to the above outcomes.

Additional Revenue in Your Pocket

We have created a unique way of teaching you to look for specific violations. This has in turn given us the ability to help cro’s build their business revenue higher with less of a need for a volume of clients.

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